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When Does The Kids Castle Have The Best Profit ?
- Jul 28, 2018 -

 What time period is the largest passenger flow in the children's paradise every day, every week or even every year?Few people have summed up and thought about these laws, and missed many opportunities to improve operational efficiency.So, when is the best time for indoor children’s amusement park?How to use these time periods to improve the revenue and benefits of children's parks?

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Here, we will give you a detailed analysis and introduction.

Grand Opening

Opening is the first step to raise the popularity of children's playgrounds, and it is also a good time to gather popularity,However, many shop owners have neglected this point and simply opened the business rashly. They did not effectively convey the information of the children's park, so they missed such a Opportunities to attract more people to consume and show a good image of the park.Therefore, in the preparation for the opening of the business, we must try our best to inform the local customers about the basic situation of the children's park, such as opening hours, opening discounts, opening activities, etc., to increase publicity efforts to achieve well-known knowledge, and lay a good foundation for the future business development of the store.

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Opportunity grasp

Preschool children are not like adults, they usually wake up early.parents will take their children out at this time.For the sake of their health.Children's playground is a good choice, with more equipment and more playmates, to meet children's friends, climb, run, jump, etc.So how do you get them to visit your children's paradise every morning? In this solution, you can launch puzzle early education classes, dance aerobics and other activities every morning to attract parents and children to participate.

In addition, the most prosperous time of the day is actually from 7:00 to 10:00 pm, this time is the time for parents to take the children out for a walk after work.If the location is in a supermarket, this is also the time when parents like to go shopping with their kids in the supermarket. At this time, the kids castle can engage in group games to attract parents and children to enter the park to play, so that parents and children can get good after-dinner exercise and bring good memories to customers, in order to leave a better impression.

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A leisurely weekend

As we know .Both the kids and parents will be have enough time for rest in each weekend.

So some special promotions or entertainment programs should be held in due course on weekends. You can refer to popular variety shows for parent-child activities, weekend discounts, etc.Let parents and children relax and play, the pressure of study and work is released well, and they will forget to return, thus recycling consumption.

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Summer vacation and holiday 

Like ordinary holidays, such as the "kids holiday" Children's Park, you can hold family entertainment programs such as "The Whole Family Mobilization" to promote family feelings and feel the warmth of the home, thus creating a sense of belonging and belonging to the park.In addition, during the 1-2 months of winter and summer vacations, parents usually have to go to work and take care of their children. How can they let their children learn and play together without worrying about their child’s food and clothing?In this regard, it is recommended to create a "learning" image for children's paradise, to create a good growth hall for children to eat, drink, play, play, and learn, so that parents can put  their children to children's playgrounds with no any worries.Although knowing when the traffic will increase, the park own safety, sanitation, and site equipment (installation of air conditioning, quality of equipment) are also important factors.