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What Should You Do Before Planing To Build /invest The Indoor Trampoline Park /children’s Park?Professional Children's Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturers
- Jun 25, 2018 -

In recently two years, the market has been in a hot state that there a lot of people who have invested the children's play industry. It means Investors not only need enough funds but also know more this market of the trampoline park

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1,How should you search the suitable location for indoor trampoline park/children’s park?

A,Its better that You can get more knowledge of park in local market firstly.need observe the configuration and business model of their indoor trampoline park .

B,Getting more knowledge of the traffic conditions whether it is convenient , clean and sanitary ,or safety around the park, it is also necessary to investigate the prosperousness of the park's location, such as surrounding business conditions, business environment and so on.

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2,Making an report of Consumer Intention Survey for indoor children’s park .

   The question such as: If there is a children's playground in the neighborhood, do you usually want to bring children to play? What kind of children's playground equipment do you prefer? What is the standard of consumption that you can accept at the park?


3,Making an report of Consumption standard in local market 

  In general, evaluating the consumption level of a place needs to be evaluated from various aspects such as housing, transportation and communications, clothing, family, entertainment, education, and medical care.


4,An report of Management Expenses for indoor children’s park.

    we need to know the costs incurred by the park in the business process that the main cost of children's park operating are: fixed costs + floating costs. Fixed costs include: shop rent, water and electricity property costs, staff salaries, cost of equipment for apportionment, and transaction fees for business documents. Tax expenses. Floating costs include: advertising costs, gifts, spare parts, management costs ... as long as you clearly know the detailed structure of the newly opened shop costs can clearly understand the break point of the park, which also facilitates park expectations and decision-making.