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What Should We Do On Children's Park Operation
- Sep 13, 2018 -

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The development of high technology has changed people's way of life imperceptibly. While bringing convenience to people's life, electronic products such as mobile phones and computers are also filled with children's world. In the direction of large movement, small movement, identification, emotion, society, language and so on, the electronic product can only help finger small movement ability, other direction has little contribution. Allowing children to indulge in electronic gadgets is tantamount to creating an invisible prison for them, limiting their opportunities for constant learning

At the same time, in the era of excessive Internet information, due to excessive pursuit of commercial interests, the Internet and TV media are full of kitsch, sexual temptation, violence and other contents, resulting in some children indulging in mixed TV programs, online games or communication communities, which create an illusory world, affecting physical and mental health.

The construction of children's playland can enable children to get in touch with other peers, accumulate knowledge and develop intelligence in the process of playing, and cultivate their ability of communication, exploration and creation. However, while the children are enjoying happiness, there are also a number of parks should be designed unreasonable, buried safety hidden dangers. All in all, designers should follow the principle of "people first, safety first" in the construction of backyard playground equipment and keep innovating to create a beautiful paradise for the future "star of hope", so that they can take a solid step on the road of growth.

First, related design principles of Indoor Indoor playroom equipment

The "safety first" principle

Keep to the "child-oriented" principle

The principle of adaptation to local conditions

The principle of combining man with nature

Humanized design of children's paradise

Start with details, such as the design of each part of the children's park

amusement equipment related safety issues

Some play structure should be designed to avoid raising people's awareness of the risks of inappropriate play equipment. Such as squeeze and shear point hidden dangers, twine and puncture hidden dangers, belt and rope winding hidden dangers, sticking hidden dangers, sharp objects and corners and edge hidden dangers, trip hidden dangers, and hanging hidden dangers

Nowadays, people care more and more about children, and demand more and more about the safety of children's playgrounds or activities. Designers must constantly broaden their horizons and increase their creativity so that future children's playland can meet the needs of parents and children's growth.