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What Should We Do Of VIP Management In Indoor Boomers Amusement Park?
- Aug 08, 2018 -

Member management is a very important marketing tool in the operation of indoor Boomers amusement park. The members in the park are well managed, can effectively retain customers, and can further understand the customers to provide them with more suitable services.

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There are some problem that we usually face of VIP management in boomers park

1.Over-emphasis on the development of new members and lack of maintenance services for old members, resulting in the loss of old members

2.The lack of customer segmentation, the high frequency of member communication, the direct purpose of communication, the single communication channel, the lack of understanding of customer communication habits, members will cause harassment and antipathy

3.Member information collection is not comprehensive enough and there is a lack of management for each customer life cycle

4.Lack of long-term member management awareness, the simple understanding of membership as a promotional discount

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The reason for problem of VIP management difficulties

1.The member management system suitable for the site is not selected according to the site size, business type and peripheral consumption level,Some even use the commercial super management system, forming the extensive member management. The value recognition of membership is not enough.

2.The former can be upgraded through technical means, which can be solved by adopting the site management system of big data customer group segmentation. The latter is a thinking problem, which requires merchant conversion thinking to be converted into execution.

With fewer customers in indoor amusement park , how to get out of the trap?

1.Collect member data, master customer information

2.Employees should have professional knowledge and be able to offer customers more advice 

3.Manage customers by category