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What Place Is Suitable For Indoor Trampoline Park?
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Types of trampoline Location

1. Business center (large business circle) of  indoor Crazy Park

The large-scale shopping mall of general city is built in the place of crowd density, and it is the comprehensive commercial circle that eats, drinks and plays an organic whole. The advantages of indoor trampoline project in the shopping mall are obvious: large human flow, high popularity of the park, less publicity and promotion costs in the later stage, and easy approval of fire control. On the contrary, the rent of shopping malls is high and the height of shopping malls is limited

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2. Reconstruction of warehouse and factory

With sufficient funds, customers who want to make a large-scale trampoline theme park with over one thousand square meters will choose to build their own workshops or rent the workshops as the trampoline site. It should be noted that the land of the workshops is commercial land rather than industrial land. The advantages of trampoline park made by warehouse and factory: large area, suitable floor height, able to make devil slide, simulation skiing, etc. On the contrary, the general location of the plant is in the suburbs, relatively remote location, and there will not be many people, which requires the increase of late publicity and promotion costs

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3. Reconstruction of gymnasium, badminton hall, sales office, etc

This kind of site advantage: the area is big, the layer is high ideal, form a complete set of facilities, nearby is equipped with the life village commonly, the school, the transportation is convenient. Trampoline park in this kind of venue, the passenger flow, the card rate will be very high. However, the rent is relatively high and the property management fee is high

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