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What Kind Of Indoor Trampoline Park Is The Most Popular?
- Nov 13, 2018 -


The safety is always placed in the first role in design of Jumping Trampoline Adventure Park  , as a special facility, must be checked at the level, the item test, can be put into operation.Indoor children trampoline is the hottest project in the domestic and abroad market.

Decoration design style must be able to attract the different crowd's attention for the principle,The most important thing is that the materials selected must meet relevant standards and must not contain toxic or radioactive materials.Decorate also need to avoid to appear straight, sharp, hard thing, in order to prevent scratch and bump injury, want to be more with sleek for theme.

But in the design of indoor trampoline park when the sensory stimulation must be extraordinary, so that customers can experience the fun that is not usually fun; Play experiences must be diverse, not just for children, but for all kinds of people

Color design of indoor trampoline park

The colour choice of Indoor trampoline paradise need accord with different age feature , it can obtain the popular crowd likes.the child in loving natural color can reflect very well and hold, luck

Using the natural color of a creature's natural color or color scheme makes it easier for a child to identify.In such environment of indoor trampoline paradise, the warm color that colour lightness is higher can let a person state of mind is cheerful.

Jumping Trampoline Adventure Park

The appearance design of indoor trampoline paradise

Exterior design of Trampoline Adventure Park should be vivid and lively on the vision, close to nature, the exterior appearance is full of vivid reflecting power.For young children, it can promote their cognition of things and help to train their cognitive ability.Fusion of kaleidoscopic images in appearance

It can satisfy the illusion of most things and recognize more images on the basis of bionic appearance.The appearance of indoor trampoline playground equipment should be of interest, cater to the preferences of adults and children, and accord with the public's mind.

Interior trampoline theme decoration 

trampoline park should be designed in the expectation of the public, which highlights the diversity of the theme park

indoor trampoline paradise with tall decoration and design should try every means to let customers get happy interest in the indoor environment. Generally, a variety of recreation, entertainment and catering Spaces should be concentrated in an indoor hall space, 

where large-span glass roof is used to make the interior sunny and greenThe tree pool makes people have the feeling of being in the outdoor natural environment.