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What Is A Good Design Of Children's Park?
- Aug 25, 2018 -

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         As one of the places for children to find happiness and release their nature, children's playground equipment has its rich colors and perfect amusement facilities.. It provides enough open space for children to play, communicate and so on. Only when designers understand their real needs from the perspective of children can they properly open the design mode of children's paradise and create works that truly satisfy children's nature

Firstly ,focus on the interests of children

1.The needs of children are a part of the growth of parents to children, as long as the grasp of children's psychology can be a great business opportunity. Children like to play, see pleasant colors in the game, experience pleasure in the game and gain knowledge from it. Children play equipment is a way for children to understand the world

2. Divide the age groups

Identifying which age groups the playground will serve is a crucial process for planning children's playgrounds. To build a fully functional playground, children of different ages must be fully considered for their different needs and stages of development. It is the division of age groups that meets the needs of all children and the diversity of forms that provides better services

Second, site selection and division

When this needs the operator from the site objective conditions, the site entrance and exit to consider

Thirdly, equipment selection and matching

1. Material selection of game equipment

Verify that your supplier has passed the national certification. Do not use materials containing toxic substances, such as wood containing aluminum, arsenic, all of the equipment is subject to professional testing.

2. Equipment layout and color

It is necessary to pay attention to the color of the site, and the influence of color on children is obvious, as well as the decoration style, etc. Bright and cheerful colors will bring children happy emotions. Another important factor is that light, shadow, sun and wind must be taken into account, and good maintenance can greatly extend the life of the equipment.

Attention must be paid to the installation process. Wherever visitors can touch, sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous protrusions are not allowed. Decorations on amusement equipment must be fixed firmly.

All in all, kids' playground equipment must be exciting, inspiring and challenging places for children and adults alike. Rides must be carefully selected with a wide variety of equipment, such as soft animal shapes, swings, slides and water and sand. Different types of games constitute the overall atmosphere of the playground to meet the gaming needs of children of all ages. Therefore, the playground must fully understand the needs of children at all stages of development