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What Do We Need Prepare Before We Invest The Commercial Trampoline Park
- Sep 28, 2018 -

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1.How to choose the location 

The site is important, and a good location on the site is the best prerequisite for success. 

First, in terms of cities, it's generally easier to open stores in developing cities than in developed cities. Big cities are competitive and many places have such projects, with high rents and scattered traffic, all of which are much higher. Even if business is good, there is not much profit to be made. And the developing city because each charge is cheaper, now each place child consumes the same, with small city is no more than many competition.

2. How to select equipment? Which manufacturer is the best equipment of launch trampoline park commercial?

first considering the security , and then interests and colorful . A good amusement equipment manufacturer should not only have formal qualifications, but also pay attention to a lot of details. The company should also have a certain scale,certifacate, years of experience and workers and technicians.

3.Does the Commercial trampoline park need to deal with what license?

need for sure, specific business license seeks advice to local industry and Commerce Department, the requirement standard of each place is different. (business license, health certificate, etc.)

4.What does fire check mean?

should be obtained before opening fire, and fire fighting equipment to complete security, staff security knowledge must be enough, on a regular basis to do fire training, in case when the time comes to inadequate preparation affect business, the fire department will do regular check, children do business, safety is very important, the national control is very strict.

5.What activities do we do, such as business opening, holidays, business cooling when what corresponding improvement measures?

open a business to be able to try out for free, holiday can roll out do month card, year card, play a few give a few card kind activity. If the business is cold because of geographical location, to do outside propaganda, such as the network, leaflets. If only in the off-season can do more to attract children's activities or put out more interesting toys.