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What Do We Need Prepare As Kids Park Before Our National Day ?
- Sep 22, 2018 -

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China National Day is coming, for the average person is a day to relax and unwind for children's park operator, is like a feast, they is the feast of the organizers, to feast, achieve the desired effect and smoothly busy preparing, before the party,what does the operator need prepare ?

1. Ensure the park environment is clean and tidy

Whether the environment of children's park is clean and tidy is the first impression that the park gives visitors, and will directly affect the children's amusement experience. If the environment of a children's paradise is all sorts of dirty and messy difference, try to ask which parent is willing to let the child go into play? Furthermore, National Day is a marketing period that all the children's playland will not miss. If you lose in this area, even the introduction of a variety of incentives will be difficult to attract parents card.

Therefore, before the National Day short holiday, operators should clean up the park and clean and disinfect all the amusement equipment, so as to create a clean and tidy environment for children. To leave a good impression to customers, to lay a good foundation for off-season business

2. Ensure the normal operation and safety of amusement products

Whether the amusement equipment can run properly will directly affect the amusement experience and personal safety of the small customers. Therefore, operators must conduct a thorough inspection of all amusement equipment before the national primary school holiday to ensure that all amusement equipment can operate normally.

During the National Day period, the number of visitors to the children's play space will be much higher than usual. There will be more children playing with one device at a time than usual. Faced with this situation, the peeling of a screw or the loosening of the joint may not affect the normal operation of the amusement equipment at ordinary times. However, during the National Day period, when there are more people playing, the high-intensity use of the amusement equipment may break because it cannot bear the heavy pressure. This will not only damage children's motivation to play, but may even lead to safety accidents.

3. Check fire safety

Fire safety inspections are important for children's playgrounds, but they are also a relatively easy place for operators to overlook. The majority of customers at children's playgrounds are children with low levels of self-protection. Once a fire accident occurs, the difficulty of evacuation will increase. Therefore, operators must do a good fire safety check.

1) carry out thorough inspection of electrical equipment and circuits. Make sure all electrical equipment is working properly and no circuit aging or damage occurs.

2) ensure that all fire exits are unimpeded and free of obstructions.

3) confirm that all fire protection facilities, such as fire extinguishers, water guns, fire signs, etc. can be used normally.

4.Trained professinal staff

During the National Day mini-holiday, the passenger flow will be more than usual, to do not rush things, the appropriate increase in the number of staff is very necessary. In addition to ensuring adequate staffing, staff should be trained in advance. Well-trained staff can not only handle all kinds of emergencies in the park, but also provide thoughtful and enthusiastic service to children and parents. This plays an important role in establishing good reputation and maintaining customer loyalty