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What Are The Safety Risks That Need To Be Paid Attention To In The Trampoline Park?
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Nearest Trampoline Park

The trampoline is a sport that many children and even adults like very much. The feeling that the body is bounced in the air and flipped freely in the air makes it hard to resist.However, trampoline exercise is also a hidden high-risk sport.Whether it is a large outdoor trampoline or a home for children The small jumping bed used, if you do not pay attention to safety during the playing process, it is likely to cause serious and even life-threatening injuries.

In recent years, Nearest Trampoline Park have become popular in domestic indoor children's parks. However, most investors are worried about the problems of bed-turn investment costs and returns. Many trampoline park investors will ask us about the safety of trampolines.

how should we avoid it?

The American Academy of Pediatrics website Healthy Children posted safety advice on trampolines. If there is a baby who likes a trampoline at home and the owner of the trampoline, I hope to take this opportunity to understand.

Reduce the risk of potential hazards such as accidental injuries.

Although jumping and tumbling on a trampoline can be fun, the wrong way to land can cause serious permanent damage. Even if the trampoline has mesh and filler protection, parents acccompany with them.

Thousands of people are injured in trampolines every year, most of which occur on family trampolines, and children under 6 are most likely to be injured.

Common safety injuries during Professional Gymnastic Trampoline exercise include:

a,Fracture (sometimes surgery required)

b,Concussion and other head injuries

c,Bruises, scratches and cuts

Children will get hurt when they do this

a,False landing when jumping

b,False landing when flipping and tumbling (because the head and neck are at risk of injury, so this is not allowed)

c,Try difficult moves

d,Fall or jump out of the trampoline

e,Falling on the spring or frame

So there some advice from Liben trampoline ,Mini and full-size trampolines should not be used at home, in daily fitness classes or on the playground

Can take the child to play in trampoline hall, general trampoline park venues have professional trampoline coach to guide the training, in the safety protection is more secure.

If you choose to place a trampoline at home, the following safety precautions are recommended form Liben trampoline.

a,Full adult care is required

b,Only one person can be on the one trampoline at same time

c,There are need enough protective pads in good condition on the trampoline

d,Protective pads, mesh enclosures and any other parts that are damaged shall be repaired or replaced