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Velcro Clothes Sticky Clothes In Sticky Wall For Trampoline Park
- Jul 07, 2018 -

 velcro clothes in sticky wall for trampoline park.jpg 

Trampoline park has been in China for more than four years, which is different from the traditional indoor amusement park. The trampoline is loved by more and more children, including young people, for its unique cool, novel, fitness, entertainment and wide-ranging population..


The sticky wall in trampoline park, also known as the Velcro Wall, contains Velcro clothing (Sticky clothes) and wall surface. It is a supporting equipment and function of the trampoline park. It has a small area only, simple installation, attractive and rich gameplay. It can be used as a professional wall or as a sticky wall. It is the lowest cost option for the trampoline park to upgrade its functions and attract children.


How to play of them ?

The player puts on a specific Sticky clothes(Velcro Clothes), and with the elastic force of the face, it bounces to the wall of the sticky wall. The magic hook surface of the sticky wall firmly adheres to the surface of the velcro, and the player is stuck. On the wall, rely on its own strength or rely on external forces to lower the wall.

[material of sticky clothes ]: nylon, polyester, polyester and nylon mixed, nylon A grade material, non-fleece material

[specifications]: customized according to customer needs

[product color]: black and white, color (red, yellow, blue, purple and other Pantone color)

[ process of product ]: glue added, glue added, slitting, cutting, voltage, sewing


[material of Velcro Clothes in sticky wall ]:

1. Nylon material: Nylon is fireproof and soft especially. Velcro is more suitable for use on Velcro clothes, and it is also a very environmentally friendly

2. polyester material: easy to burn, and will produce black smoke, accompanied by a pungent taste, the material is hard, and the hand feels rough.

3. polyester and nylon mixed material: combined with all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, not easy to burn, very durable. The adhesive Velcro wall is made of this material.

4. nylon A grade material: very soft, often used as a close-fitting clothing, but also can be used on the baby, will not cause skin damage

5, do not scratch the material: mainly do not catch the type of Velcro, only the matte surface, the hook is usually used with nylon A-grade material, used in close-fitting clothes.

6, different materials can be made into different Velcro, different materials, velcro use and characteristics are not the same, but all kinds of Velcro are in line with environmental standards, customers can choose different according to their own requirements Velcro type

What about the advantage of the velcro clothes ?

1. High temperature washable, yellowing resistant, and resistant to sunlight.

2. The quality is stable, the bristles are even, the yarn is not easy to break, and the transverse pulling force is firmly tight.

3. The hook surface is neatly arranged, and the angle of the hook is fixed, so that the hook biting probability is increased, and the viscosity is ensured.

4. the quality can be kept for a long time, the hook bite can reach more than 10,000 times

5. The product is produced from environmentally friendly raw materials, free of azo (AZO Free) and free of heavy metals.

6. As a game project in the trampoline paradise, Spider Wall is very popular among children. With the spider wall, the jump in the trampoline is no longer a repeated up and down movement, but can fully feel the moment of staying in the air.