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The First Game Project On Trampoline - Slam Dunk
- Nov 28, 2018 -

The first game project on trampoline - slam dunk

Slam dunk zone of Business Plan Trampoline Park

Operating by Single player

1. Long jump and high touch: The children stand in the basket under the basket and use the elastic force of the trampoline to jump to the basket.

2. Jumping slam dunk: The child jumps to the basket with the ball in turn, using the trampoline to complete the slam dunk.

3. One-handed shooting: vertical take-off, one-handed dunk.

4. Slam dunk: continuous take-off, flipping in the air for a week and then taking off the slam dunk.

Air relay slam dunk

Competitive PK game play:

1.Air relay slam dunk

2. Fancy slam dunk

3. Back slam dunk

Fancy slam dunk

Physiological effects:

1. Exercise children's upper and lower limb strength and body coordination.

2. Train brain thinking and judgment, and body reaction speed

3. Can train eyesight and ear hearing

4. It can train the muscle activity and muscle strength of the whole body, and also can train endurance and improve body shape.

5. Train joint coordination and agility to promote bone development and make you grow taller

6. Can enhance myocardial contractility and cardiac load capacity.

7. It can increase lung capacity and also increase the ability of blood to carry oxygen.

8. Promote the blood circulation of the whole body to accelerate metabolism, the skin will be more lustrous and elastic

Back slam dunk

Psychological effect:

1. Use the trampoline to complete the slam dunk action, enhance children's self-confidence, and improve their interest in trampoline exercise.

2. Improve the team awareness of young people, and also form a good sense of team, improve willpower and responsiveness.

3. Pleasant people's heart, relieve stress and improve work efficiency. It can make people energetically devoted to the work and study of the day.

4. Promote various cultural exchanges and enhance the communication and communication skills of young people