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The Cassia Sand Pool To Pay Attention To When Playing With Large-scale Outdoor Amusement Equipment
- Apr 25, 2018 -

The development of many industries in life is inseparable. Sometimes some inconspicuous factors may lead to a big gap. For example, we mentioned before, and today we will come to understand that "playing large-scale outdoor amusement equipment should pay attention The cassia sand pool."

Nowadays, more and more large-scale amusement equipments are continuously increasing. What are the taboos that need to be watched when playing large-scale amusement equipment?

1. Before riding a large field play equipment, it is important to see if these equipment have a safety inspection symbol. Most of these large-scale wild amusement equipment belong to special equipment. According to the relevant national laws and regulations, the regular inspection period of large-scale wild amusement equipment in operation is one year. The equipment that passes the safety inspection and is qualified will have local Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau in the equipment. Eye-catching azimuth of safety inspection pass symbol. Confirm that this equipment has passed safety inspection and can ride. Don't go to those devices that are expired, unqualified, or untested.

2. Visitors should carefully read the passenger information. If the instructions state in detail that there is high blood pressure, heart disease or people who are not suitable for riding in large outdoor play equipment to stop the ride, be sure not to take your own life to joke and go for a ride. Those who are not suitable for play should not ride. According to instructions stated on the queue, enter the court and stop the parapet.

3. Keep your own items before you take the ride. Try not to bring your items in large outdoor play equipment. You can't throw or scatter objects while you are riding, or eat or drink while the equipment is in operation.

4.Be sure to fasten the safety belt or safety pressure bar before and after the equipment is in operation before the equipment is stopped. Then check whether it is fastened or secure. Use the safety belt or safety pressure bar to stop the equipment during operation. Unlock yourself. Do not put some of your head, hands, or body out of the cockpit to avoid the risk of attack.

5. If a large-scale wild amusement equipment runs out of power during a power outage, a sudden illness or an incident, be sure to calm down and not panic. Do not rush out of the equipment without the on-site staff telling you to do so. Obey the organization of the staff. When playing large-scale outdoor play equipment, pay attention to orderly withdrawal or wait for rescue.

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