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Safety Risks Need Be Cared When You Are In Indoor Trampoline Park.
- Dec 08, 2018 -

Cool Trampoline Parks

Trampoline parks are becoming more and more common in China, which has led to the vigorous development of trampoline movement. For many people, especially parents, the most worry about playing trampoline.

Is the safety problem, then what are the possible risks of trampoline exercise? What security matters should be paid attention to before playing the trampoline?

1. It is forbidden to carry all items that affect safety before trampoline exercise.

Before entering the Cool Trampoline Parks, please do not bring any items that cause personal injury, such as jewelry, necklaces, earrings, glasses, keys, etc. 

Girls need to bundle their hair (do not use hairpins), it is strictly forbidden to fragile glass, various containers, beverage bottles, wooden sticks, sharp objectsAnd similar items brought into the park.

So as not to hurt yourself or her in the process of exercise; and it is strictly forbidden to carry controlled knives, flammable, explosive, corrosive substances.

Products, etc. may endanger the public safety of the venue and articles prohibited by laws and regulations in China from entering the trampoline, otherwise it will be reported to the public security organs for severe punishment.

Do not try to exceed the range of capabilities when doing trampoline exercise to ensure personal safety.

Sprains, contusions, falls and other accidents may occur during the trampoline. Please warm up according to the warm-up video guide of the venue before entering the hall.

Pay attention to control within the height range of your ability during the jump, do not try dangerous fancy action,

Don't try dangerous fancy moves, you can be professional in trampoline teaching.Under the guidance of the trampoline coach

Players of trampolines must always pay attention to the surrounding situation and make timely avoidance actions to avoid hurting themselves or others, such as fractures, concussions and other key parts such as head and neck and spine.

The safety of the Trampoline Parks Around Me venue ensures the safety of the players

According to statistics, more than 50 trampoline safety accidents are caused by the safety of the stadium itself. Many trampoline injuries occur when multiple people use one face at the same time.

Safety, at all times is the core and most basic principle of the trampoline, the tube of the trampoline park

The management personnel must regard safety as the top priority of the store, formulate and strictly implement the relevant safety guarantee system, arrange safety guides reasonably, and conduct regular safety training to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents and prevent them from happening.

So if you go to the park, it is advisable to realize the safety precautions of some of the safety guides when you go to the gym and play.Follow the arrangements of the on-site staff so that you will know exactly when you go to the trampoline

What needs to be done to avoid all possible occurrences, and to reach both fitness and avoid danger.