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Safety Knowledge Training For Indoor Trampoline Children's Playground Park Held By Liben Group With TUV Rheinland
- Jun 21, 2018 -

       On June 20th, the“Safety Standards Training Conference of Amusement Equipment Product” jointly organized by Liben Group with TUV Rheinland successfully concluded.the representative manager of China for TUV Rheinland carries safety inspection specifications with professionals for amusement equipment.The team explained and trained the factors that affect the safety of amusement equipment, such as drop slides, indoor trampoline park, softplay, swings, etc., especially indoor soft playground equipment.what’s more ,gave us the examination requirements.

TUV safety Training for indoor playground equipment

      In recent years, as children's playground equipment such as trampoline park has become more and more popular, its varied gameplay and cool performances have won popularity among players.However, because of the sporting characteristics of trampoline park, its safety risks are also higher than traditional amusement equipment. Safety accidents in trampoline parks are also common in media reports.In order to improve the professional level of the amusement equipment safety of the company’s business personnel, also to better avoid the safety risks of the customer's stadium design program,Liben Group Invite TÜV Rheinland, the world-famous security testing agency, to our company and conduct a full day of professional knowledge training for the core product departments including the sales department, design department, engineering department and production department.The examinations will be conducted in July. Those who score below 80 points will be deducted by 10% of the salary.


       With rich experience in amusement equipment production, joining children's playgrounds, and joining the construction of trampoline parks, Liben group can provide venues with appropriate safety testing, testing and certification services in accordance with customer requirements.The TUV Rheinland took the training of "Safety Equipment Product Safety Standards Training" to us.The purpose is to prevent the dangers of paradise safety from happening, and to avoid the unreasonable factors that lead to these injuries. There are both product design defects and risks, and there are also responsible accidents caused by equipment exceeding its useful life and improper maintenance.

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