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Safety Knowledge Necessary For Job Training In The Trampoline Park Children's Park
- Nov 06, 2018 -

Best Indoor Trampoline Park

The Best Indoor Trampoline Park is popular with children and parents, especially on weekends and holidays. The play zone can be described as “overcrowded”.

However, the trampoline park/children's park is a limited public place, and the fire safety requirements must be very strict. The park staff should also have sufficient fire safety knowledge to ensure the safety of the child's door.

So, what are the common sense of fire safety in children's parks/trampoline parks?

1. The Just Jump Trampoline Park staff should be aware of the fire safety awareness of “Four Understandings and Four abilties ”

Four understandings: Understand the hidden dangers of fire in the park; the fire prevention measures; know how to save the fire source; know how to escape from fire.

Four abilities : will report fire; saving the initial fire; organize evacuation and escape; use fire equipment.

2.Children's Paradise / Trampoline site selection avoids high floors and underground sites

According to fire regulations, children's entertainment venues should be set on the first to third floors of the mall. It is strictly prohibited to be located in underground shopping malls or on floors above four floors. The safety exits for children's entertainment venues should not be less than two. It is best to have an independent. Entrance and exit

3.The materials should be non-toxic, environmentally friendly

In the event of a fire, a large amount of toxic fumes from combustible materials are the main cause of death due to suffocation. Therefore, the amusement equipment used in the park must be non-combustible, flame-retardant or flammable after flame retardant treatment. equipment must be adequately equipped

It is equipped with fire-fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, emergency lighting for fire accidents and evacuation signs.

5.Regular fire training and drills for best jump trampoline park

Formulate practical and feasible emergency evacuation plans, and regularly conduct firefighting knowledge training and organization drills for children's parks/trampoline park sales personnel; in addition, the park's evacuation passages should be kept open at all times.