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Operation Of Indoor Children's Park Equipment Should Not Be Overlooked Details
- Sep 03, 2018 -

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      Nowadays, the indoor children's park franchise stores in the market are in full swing in various shopping malls in major cities. In addition to various children's playgrounds equipment, the novel and unique decoration design is inevitably the iconic feature of each store's visual eye-catching, and the excellent indoor children's park decoration. The design plan is the decisive factor to avoid the homogenization of indoor children's parks.

1. Distinct theme and rich content

Children are particularly sensitive to bright-colored, animal-shaped products.

As the children's park products standard equipment swing, slide, sea ball, sand pool, and so on will make children crazy hot equipment.Building blocks, sand ponds and other more attractive to some quiet, younger children; Electric equipment, sandbags can climb, shake, capture exercise balance, easy to attract older children. The combination and collocation of the equipment can make children linger on and forget to return, which will naturally be loved by parents and children

2.Second, strong interaction and trigger

General park design will be equipped with electric areas, can intuitively appreciate all the children amusement equipment park landscape.

Action toys such as coconut tree, trampoline, boxing bag and gun city can stimulate children's greater interest in play, stimulate the perceptive ability while increasing children's spirit of exploration, more sensitive children like.

3. Product quality, touch and appearance

The inferior product quality, the service life is short, the touch feeling is poorer the product is not easy to receive the child's second visit.

For the appearance of bright, delicate and clean products will be recognized by parents. Parents care about the safety of their children, so they need to guard the quality of products, the touch of hands and the appearance of the situation.In addition to some obvious factors, there are more hidden factors also need to pay attention to when decorate, such as when decorating a design should take into account the security, the location of each device, because children are still at the age of cognition of the world, for a lot of things does not have its own position, for safety concerns also won't have their own consciousness, so when undertaking decorating design should take into account security issues, such as putting some kids often encounter place designed to ease a bit round edges and corners, these details are very important. In addition, it can be used as a point for publicity in the later period to reassure parents

Many investors of indoor children's park only focus on the selection of indoor soft play equipment, ignoring the design and decoration of the park. It is true that the amusement equipment is the core of the profits of an indoor children's park, but the design and decoration of the park is also very important, good design and decoration can make your store unique, more popular, will bring more customers