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More Advices For Selecting The Suitable Equipment In Indoor Chlidren Park.
- Aug 16, 2018 -

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What kind of indoor amusement equipment a project will buy? The biggest influencing factor should be the project investment of the project investor and the budget of amusement equipment purchase. The budget of equipment purchase determines that the theme park cannot do whatever it wants, and it can do whatever it wants. Therefore, limited by the budget of amusement equipment, the price of the equipment will be taken into account. Because the project must be within the budget to purchase the necessary equipment to meet the opening needs of the theme park

2, equipment manufacturers

The amusement equipment is for people to experience and play. Now the developers of the amusement park project generally have a strong sense of safety. Therefore, when buying the amusement equipment, they will pay attention to the brand of the equipment manufacturer. Usually, before purchasing amusement equipment, a project will get to know and screen the amusement equipment manufacturers through various channels, and finally reach cooperation with one or two amusement equipment manufacturers to determine the purchase list.

3, preferences of operator 

The decision maker's own past experience, cognition and understanding of Large indoor playground, as well as his own preference will more or less affect his decision of amusement equipment selection. Sometimes there is no more reason than the decision maker's perception to choose a device over a device, or to remove a set of devices from the purchase list. For example, if the decision maker of the amusement equipment for a certain amusement park is a father or mother with a child of several years old, he or she is more likely to buy more children's amusement equipment. And a decision maker who has never dared to ride a roller coaster may find it too stimulating and prefer to replace it with a ferris wheel, and so on. Of course, it may be true that some of the decision makers who have never played roller coasters themselves think that roller coasters have a good market, and many people prefer to play and decide to buy a roller coaster instead of a skyscraper

4, project positioning and market

From a professional perspective, this should be the biggest influence factor or even the decisive influence factor, but this factor is often ignored or ignored. The location of a project determines the "status" of the park, whether it is a small local park, a large national park for tourists, or a park for a specific group of people (such as children aged 3-14) Different positioning decides what kind of amusement equipment to choose to match with it.

The preference of core target customers and the differentiation of similar projects in target market should be considered in the selection of project equipment. Therefore, the choice of amusement equipment is not like the purchase of general supplies, because this kind of amusement equipment is a very unique "experiential tool", and the real decision can only be made by tourists. The safety is high, tourists like it, and the equipment to play in line is the equipment to be purchased for a successful park project. But it's often hard to know exactly what a ride is, and therefore a source of confusion for many park investors