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Methods And Techniques Of Management In Mini Children's Play Park
- Sep 21, 2018 -

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Methods and techniques of management in mini children's play park 

Many investors open the , will pay more attention to the geographical location and the size of the park. The bigger the park, the easier it feels to attract more visitors; The more expensive the rent is, the more expensive the rent is. Not every investor can afford the high rent. The success of children's playland profit, more often do not care about the size of the size, lies in the management of methods and skills. So how should smaller parks operate?

One. Advantages of small area and height

There are some parks, although the indoor soft play areas is small, but the victory in the height of the advantage, and this height of the advantage can make up for the lack of area. When encountering this kind of amusement park, the designer will give full play to the advantage of height in the preliminary planning and design, and design a children's playground with two or three layers. As a result, even 60 square meters of space can produce 120 square meters of effect, the limited space is naturally multiplied. In addition, compared with the children's playground in yipingchuan, this two-level or three-level children's playground is sometimes more mysterious and exciting, giving people a winding experience and inspiring children's curiosity and spirit of adventure

Second. Choose products with small size and strong playability

There are a wide variety of amusement programs, some of which are small in size and have strong playability. Small children's amusement parks originally have a small area, and the choice of amusement equipment with small size and strong playability is naturally a better choice. Such as coconut trees, small rocking horse, croissants, horses, etc. When choosing small size amusement equipment, must pay attention to playability, playability bad amusement equipment not only cannot save space, still can waste limited space.

Third, sharing the happiness.

Multiplayer rides are also great for smaller venues, such as the ocean ball pool and sand pool. It can not only effectively prevent children from competing for toys, but also increase the capacity of visitors. A lot of times, children are more like to make friends, they like to cluster together to play, this kind of program that can provide many people to play can also create a special lively play atmosphere, more can arouse children's play fun.

In addition, when placing amusement equipment, small soft play areas must reserve enough activity space, on one hand to avoid making the park look very crowded, on the other hand to be able to effectively reduce the occurrence of safety accident, also can let the child play freely