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Laser Interactive Projection Equipment In Indoor Amusement Park
- Aug 06, 2018 -

With the experience of interactive projection using by our customers in many children's parks such as family entertainment center.Liben play found Laser projectors have greater advantages in brightness, life and maintenance than common light bulb projectors,it Can help children's playgrounds park solve all the problems in the process of using projection equipment.In recent years, with the maturity of laser display technology and the reduction of production costs.Laser projectors are widely used in various industries.

laser interactive projection.jpg

Here for you Three advantages of laser interactive projection equipment:

First, the laser-based interactive projection has higher brightness

Due to the wide color gamut and low attenuation of the light source, the laser interactive projector maintains high brightness, color saturation and contrast for a long time, which makes the color of the picture always bright and new.

Secondly, the laser-based interactive projection has a longer useful life

The laser light source can work for 10,000 hours in normal mode and 20,000 hours in energy-saving mode.The ordinary projector has a limit life of 3000~6000 hours in the energy-saving mode, and the advantage of laser technology is very prominent.

laser interactive projection equipment.jpg

Thirdly, the laser-based interactive projection has low operating costs

Laser projectors use packaging technology, so the sealing performance and impact resistance are very good, not easy to damage.Use it in harsh environments for a long time, and don't worry about the damage of the light source.

At last, laser-based interactive projection helps children's parks increase competitiveness.

The laser projector reduces the operation and maintenance cost while ensuring the brightness and contrast of the Helps children's playground and trampoline park maintain a good image, reduce the chance of failure and enhance the customer's play experience.Although the laser projector has a slight increase in initial cost, the cost is lower than that of a conventional bulb projector in terms of the product's entire life cycle of three or four years.We believe that mature laser display technology can help transform the booming indoor children's park industry.