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Is Zipline Safety For Player
- Dec 20, 2018 -


As one of the most popular amusement equipments, zip line has been attracting customers as a novel project with unique irritability.However, before putting into market, it is necessary to establish strict safety operation precautions to avoid various safety problems in the use of zippers.Because the zip line is generally a certain distance from the ground, the safety of the zipline is the primary concern of tourists.Whether it is a person or a project, daily maintenance is required to continue his service life and normal operation and project safety.Especially the long-term use of amusement equipment.Long-term use of equipment that is prone to wear, must be regularly maintained and inspected, and strive to minimize safety hazards, so the daily maintenance of the zip line is a problem that investors must first consider.

The zip line project must first ensure that employees who operate the zip line undergo strict pre-job training.Cultivate professional safety protection capabilities, on-the-job personnel.

Must be proficient in product knowledge and operational skills of zip lines and emergency response capabilities,Can be safe before a safety accident.

The message should be conveyed in place, and the calm choice of treatment after the event


Secondly, investors need to post and broadcast safety instructions to be detailed to tourists screening of the game personnel, according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer,

Guide tourists to seat correctly, one person at a time, fasten seat belts, check safety locks, indicate standard posture, maintain the play order of sling equipment, persuade

Keep visitors away from the safety fence.

The zip line is a safety check before the store operates every day, because the material of the zip line is usually made of synthetic fiber rope and hemp rope.Or high-strength chemical materials such as wire ropes.

This kind of material has a certain degree of damage resistance, so the zip line must be made as a whole before daily use.

Inspection, in the course of use, also pay attention to the maintenance of the strop equipment manufacturer in the pre-opening test machine is normal, in the assurance of a

After normal operation, it can be opened for business and greet guests.

Because of the high usage rate of the zipper, it is necessary to make an inspection cycle to conduct regular inspections of the seat belt every six months.Accidental occurrence.

It must be ensured that there is sufficient strength to withstand the impact of the human body when falling and to prevent the human body from falling to the point where it can cause injury.

A certain limit, only to ensure that the safety belt of the zip line is strong, the danger can be minimized

The zip line is a challenging, stimulating and entertaining modern sports ride,Visitors can take advantage of a variety of topography

The difference between the low and the gravitational acceleration formed by falling from a height falls, and the stimulation and satisfaction are felt in the joy of being in danger.

Its very important to do safety work and warning work.