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Is There Any Safety Measure Under Jumping Mats If They Were To Collapse
- Aug 15, 2018 -

safety measure under jumping trampoline.jpg

1. Is there any safety measure under jumping mats if they were to collapse?

We've done a test on the firmness of jumping mats, turned out the quality is pretty solide. The warranty for the jumping is 2 years.

If any chance the trampoline would be broken one day, the springs hooked on the jumping mat will be broken first. 

But this will not affect the jumping mat, which means you need to check regularly and replace the ageing springs to make sure the safety.

However if you're still concerned, we can make some soft mats paved on the ground. And this will cause extra costs.

2. Does your quotation include safety nets, balls . Does it include everything in picture except for people?

Yes.The price includs all stuff related to trampoline except for people and that cafe room (some sort of decoration in the design)

3. Do you have a manual for operation and safety?

Yes. We'll send you the manual for operation and safety to you along with the trampoline