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Interactive Trampoline Game Jump Game
- Dec 01, 2018 -

Liben's newly developed trampoline interactive entertainment system 2.0 uses the latest inductive technology and equipment to integrate the children's trampoline into the game scene, to obtain different scores of fruit through the player's bounce height, specific obstacles and special effects, to achieve perfect trampoline and game. Converged interactive new experience

trampoline interactive games

A lovely walk in the beautiful forest, all the way to the flea favorite fruit. The fruit that shines at high altitude is its favorite, but the average fruit is also not afraid of coming. There are a lot of dangers in enjoying the delicious fruits of the big forest. The red poisonous mushroom makes people feel dizzy, and the abominable bald head can cut it down. . . . . But it doesn't matter, whenever it tries to get to the top of the alarm clock icon, the time spent on a fun forest trip will increase. Children, start a forest adventure with me!

Liben Interactive Trampoline Game Features

1. The installation is simple, and the construction can be completed within half a day.

2. The screen is projected on the wall and the picture is clearer.

3. The projection screen is not on the surface, the light does not touch the player, and there is no harm to the player; the player does not need to bow his head to protect the player's vision.

4. Using high-end short-focus laser projection, the lumens are higher, the picture quality is clearer, and the service life is longer.

5. The game can detect the player's weight and match the reasonable elastic coefficient to avoid the fairness of the game due to the player's weight difference.

6. Advanced laser sensing equipment, which takes up almost no space; equipment parameters meet the level of human body safety protection.

7. The product subverts the traditional trampoline interactive device mode, which perfectly integrates the player and the picture, and matches the game scene setting, and the experience, interaction and fun are stronger.

jump game

Liben group Interactive Trampoline Gameplay

1. After the player enters the trampoline, he will remain still. At this time, the game reminds the player to keep the body from shaking. The game detects the player's weight and matches the corresponding elastic coefficient. After the posture is stable, it enters the 5 second countdown.

2. After the countdown is over, the player can start jumping when the game screen prompts to jump.

3. The player adjusts the jump height according to the level and distance in the picture. The more fruits you eat, the higher the score. Each alarm icon is added for 3 seconds. The more alarms you get, the more time you add. The longer it is.

4. The game score is set to three grades, One is ordinary fruit, the score is 1; Two is the fruit above the obstacle, the score is 2; Three is the luminous fruit, the score is 3.

5. The obstacles set by the game are divided into poisonous mushrooms, wooden stakes and wood piles. When the obstacles touch these obstacles, the corresponding effects and delays will be triggered:

Obstacle: poisonous mushroom (red, blue) / stake, wood pile

Special effects: dizziness, falling and climbing, delay 1s/3s

6. After the game has been scheduled for a long time, the game is over. The score bar in the upper left corner of the game shows the final score. The park can make a leaderboard to record the player's score. 6. How to control the bounce height: the center of the trampoline is the strongest position of the stretch, and the more you go up, the more elasticWeak, the player can jump to different positions on the face according to the actual scene of the game, control the size of the stretch, and get the best experience of the game.

Liben group interactive trampoline game installation requirements

This product is suitable for children's paradise, trampoline park, adult sports hall and other places, can bring you a rich flow of people, attract customers to stop and experience and watch

1. A suitable solid wall or support is required to mount and secure the projector, main unit, and sensor.

2. Basic requirements of the host: CPU uses Intel i3 or above; memory is 4G or more, graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX750 or above, operating system is Windows Win7, Win10.

3. Projector brightness: standard brightness 4000 lumens, 1024*768 resolution or higher.

4. Projection area: display area of at least 2m*1.5m, the bigger the better.

5. Light environment requirements: avoid direct sunlight or strong light.