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How To Plan And Layout The Venue When Invest In The Trampoline Park
- Nov 04, 2018 -

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The bigger the venue, the easier it is to cover more entertainment to attract more customers. However, the more prosperous the location of the venue, the more expensive the rent, for most investors, to have a considerable size of the venue is not bad, so some investors may be smaller park space. In fact, the key point for the profit recovery of Closest Indoor Trampoline Park is not the size of the park, the management of the park venue operating methods and skills play a decisive role. So how should small children's and trampoline parks be planned?

Firstly,Use advantages of children's paradise and trampoline park

Although some park venues are not large, they have the advantage of floor height, which is just enough to make up for the lack of plane space.Such a small indoor children's park or trampoline park can fully consider the advantages of the height of the floor during the early planning and design, and design a two- or three-layer structure of the amusement equipment function project.This kind of planning and design layout can maximize the utilization of the venue in a limited space.In addition, this multi-layered space paradise will be more exciting and novel, giving consumers different novel experiences and inspiring children's exploration and adventure.

Secondly,Reasonable layout of children's playground play equipment and trampoline park function project

Indoor children's playgrounds and All Trampoline Parks must have their own clear crowd positioning. The target audience of their own paradise is infants, children or teenagers. According to the unused population positioning, some small and interactive amusement equipments are selected.

However, while choosing a small-sized equipment, we must consider the physical and mental characteristics of the player. For example, young children prefer small toys and colorful interactive projection game projects. Teenagers prefer partial sports and challenging stimulating entertainment projects.

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In addition, when designing the layout of a small park, we must consider the upgrade space of the later amusement products, avoid the upgrading and upgrading of the equipment in the later stage of the park, and keep a scientific and reasonable pedestrian passage to effectively reduce the occurrence of safety accidents and keep the children safe. Play in a comfortable environment