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How To Manage VIP Effectively In The Indoor Children's Playground/trampoline Park
- Aug 01, 2018 -

The indoor children's park/indoor amusement park charging mode has been upgraded from the original one-time ticket to the secondary card, monthly card, annual card and prepaid card.However, there are many problems with the membership management of indoor children's parks/adult trampoline parks.Such as, the proportion of investment in developing new members is excessively inflated, and the proportion of old membership maintenance services is shrinking.a series of questions that are not sensitive to member churn response.For investment operators, if these problems are not solved, they will waste a lot of customer resources and affect the reputation of the park.Effective member customer management can win the reputation of the park.

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There are three main reasons for membership management issues

1.The service provided to members is too simple

The way most customers become members and enjoy the benefits of membership is to reach the established quota through the amount of consumption.such by discount which are good for stimulating new customer spending during venue opening or event, but are very disadvantageous for later park operations and membership management.The way to be the member too simple and the benefits offered by the park are rare as well.This kind of "VIP" is more like a cheap promotion method, so that customers can not feel the "prestige" that they should have.

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2.No any requirements for membership

For example, the time requirement,the validity period. Why did customers not come for a long time, because the membership card has no validity period.

Some customers in trampoline park franchise that will enjoy membership treatment for a long time once they became member.In fact, when a park can provide “services” to members, the “permissions” of the members will be valuable.

3.Did not accurately sort out the customer's contribution

Every company in the customer management will say "customer is God", but does not understand what "God" is thinking. More seriously, for some paradise, "God" is too much.Satisfying all customers" is the biggest misunderstanding of VIP management of trampoline park indoor.VIP management must be differentiated and targeted to meet the needs of different categories of customers.Therefore, the first thing to do in the park is to classify customers according to multiple indicators such as consumption contribution,and loyalty.research the characteristics of each customer.By classification, 20% of the membership needs at the top of the pyramid should be maximized, and 80% of the sales members are key members.The focus of the park’s service management on these two consumer groups should be different.

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In last ,we provide high-quality, multi-dimensional services, quickly and effectively handle customer complaints by the hierarchical management of members,then guide customers to enter the store for a long time.and Keep the most valuable members because their word of mouth and the power of helping to promote are very influential.