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How To Improve The Brand Influence Of Indoor Amusement Parks
- Jul 25, 2018 -

When a park becomes bigger and bigger, operators often consider a question: How to improve the brand influence of indoor parks? In addition to large trampoline park and large-scale theme parks, the radiation range of indoor soft play parks, indoor parks, electric game centers and other places is always limited.

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So how should we do make the park be famous?

1.Enhanced recognition

In order to make it easier for consumers to distinguish between indoor children amusement parks, they can recognize them at a glance and influence their decisions at the first time of purchase. For example, the two adjacent parks, one is a VIP park, and the other is an ordinary kids park. For children, the facade has an eye-catching and vivid IP recognition. In some ways, a park with IP content is also empowered to enhance brand recognition.

2.Create the important the advantage for selling.

The point of creating a purchase is to reduce the cost of making decisions when consumers buy and consume. When we face unfamiliar products, we always have doubts and will not try it easily. The role of the brand is to provide reasons for consumption, to stimulate consumers' psychological desires with a moving reason. Parents usually buy: price, safety, hygiene, fun, growth, and service. The venue can be combined with these perspectives in branding

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3.Consumption appreciation

The value added of consumption is to help the amusement enterprise to create perceptual value and spiritual value in addition to physical value and functional value, so that consumers feel that buying this brand is more "value". Just like Lego in foreign countries, the image VIP license is constantly updated. It is the spiritual experience that Lego makes “life is bound to be possible”. You don’t know what toys he will launch in the next second. In addition to products and services, it also consumes culture. The so-called culture of the domestic paradise is not "happy growth" or "happy life", single and empty, and no difference.

These three functions of the brand are all at the level of the consumer's mind. Therefore, the significance of building a brand is to exert influence on the user's mind, and creating influence is the core of the brand strategy.