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How Is The Investor Of Indoor Children's Playground/trampoline Park Encourage And Manage Their Employee
- Jun 19, 2018 -

How is the investor of indoor children's playground/trampoline park encourage and managetheir employee?

The staff is playing very important role in Indoor children's playground trampoline Park.Their mental outlook and behavior are related to the overall image of the park. The service level of the staff at the park also affects the customer's play experience and the income of the park.


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As an investor of indoor children's playground/trampoline park, how should we manage and motivate the team of park employees? In this issue, Liben offers you several good suggestions for managing and motivating your staff.


1,First, enhance the ownership of employee.

It is impossible for any organization to grow up by just one person only. It requires the efforts and contributions of all members. This requires ideologically building employee ownership. Strengthen the training of employees' professionalism and dedication, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of employees, use care and education to guide employees to enhance their sense of ownership.


2,The cultivation of outstanding managers

Before the cultivation of the manager, investors can act as their own manager in firstly , so that investors can grasp the details of the operation of many children's parks and trampoline parks:

1) they can master the changes in park passenger flow and the fluctuation of performance;

2) Getting more knowledge process of cash register, discovery of loopholes in cash, and timely avoidance through the adjustment process;

3) It can be establish direct contact with customers, after the park can be submitted to the manager, can be all-round monitoring system;

4) it can be the quality of each employee's personality Have a deep understanding of the formation of training echelon.


3,prudently promised, value the power of the role model

Some investors and shopkeepers only make oral promises instead of practice . They may have many different Excuses showed that why didn't do well all the time . In fact, the investors is very important role as good example. Investors and store managers in good faith and employees will be. Investors and shop managers will be fair and employees will be. Investors and store managers will be diligent and employees will as well.


4,Making a performance system clearly

Working always for making money. Water goes down but people go high.Investors in the children's playground park should let their employees earn more money and the mentality of sharing the benefits with their employees so that they can make their employees willing to work in the park for a long time. A good performance incentive system must first clarify the job responsibilities and daily work content of the children's paradise staff, and then set clear goals. The whole shop should complete the team rewards, and individuals should be linked to individual promotion. The performance incentive is to have a clear system of rewards and punishments. In front of a clear system, employees have the work and passion.

5,One team ,One family.

 The employees in the park are a group. When working together for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be friction. You can regularly organize team building activities to create

opportunities for everyone to communicate with each other and eliminate barriers. Of course, team building can not only make use of the opportunities for dinner and dinner. The morning meeting and the handover meeting are also very good opportunities. Especially in the morning, because the general business hours of the park are relatively late, there is ample time to use the morning meeting for communication. In the morning, not only can we communicate information, but we can also appropriately insert employees to expand exchange activities, break ice for the day's work, and increase the exchange and interaction of employees' homes.

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6, one-on-one communication

The one-on-one communication of the employees is that the Investor or the store manager need communicate with each employee once a month at least . When communicating, investors and managers should be good at creating a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere for communication, allowing employees to speak freely, discovering business inadequacies, and looking for opportunities for business growth. At the same time, they should understand and master the mentality of each employee to alleviate negative emotions and adjust Employee mentality. One-on-one communication should not be too frequent, so that employees do not feel trust in him and there is doubt about the quality of his work.


7,Holding competition within team

The competition is a very good measure that can stimulate employees' work passion and work status, and through the competition can discover new models or new methods of business growth. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the calculation of the reward mechanism. It must be avoided that after the start of the competition, the loss of the park will be felt too much. Individuals will make too much money and make changes overnight. This will make the competition difficult to implement.

The indoor children's park/trampoline park establishes a good working atmosphere and institutional requirements. It can not only urge employees to work hard and improve themselves, but also can keep them happy during work, improve work efficiency, and provide customers with warm and thoughtful services. Getting customers' satisfaction and affection will naturally create more profits for the park.