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How To Deal With Emergency Issues In Kids For Amusement Park
- Dec 22, 2018 -

Kids For Amusement Park

What should I do if the Kids For Amusement Park encounters an emergency accident involving a child?

1.The trampoline staff should check the injury in time

Make space room for the scene, so that injured customers can stay in the field to check the injury situation. At this time, employees should appease the customer's sentiment and 

ask the customer about the injury. If they are younger children, they should know from their parents. Initially define the extent of the injury.

2.Protect the accident site of the trampoline

If there is a possibility of severe falls, dislocations, or limb fractures, site protection is required to stop or shut down the running boring machine as needed. Patients with non-fractures can be treated on the spot for simple treatment. The injured person should not easily move to avoid secondary injury. The site should be treated with appeasement and treated by medical personnel.

3.Report the situation to the manager or boss of the indoor amusement park

- Immediately (verbal or telephone) report the situation to the store manager or the boss, assist in the initiation of the emergency plan, call the medical ambulance phone 120 

if necessary, and go to the site for help.

How to deal with sudden accidents between customers in the trampoline park

1.Quiet trampoline shop customer dispute scene sentiment

- First try to stop both parties and bring the two parties to a quiet place for mediation. At the same time, evacuate the onlookers, calm down the development of the situation, and ensure the normal operation and good order of the operation of the trampoline.

2.Watch the trampoline park monitoring

  - If the event is escalated to require on-site forensics or requires witness to testify, the employee should immediately go to the background to check the monitoring process and ask the witness to make a summary record first.

3.Trampoline Park staff call for help

- The two parties involved will still be unable to hold up due to mediation. The staff of the trampoline museum should immediately call the police for help, actively cooperate with the police to monitor and collect evidence, witness witnesses to collect evidence, collect evidence in time and record, and assist the police in providing evidence on behalf of the third party neutral principle.

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