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How To Calculate The Budget Of Indoor Playground Parks When You Are Investor ?
- Jul 23, 2018 -

     Many investors have invested cause they are very optimistic about the market of kids indoor playground parks especially in this years.Compared with the unwise investment at the beginning, Now it should be more cautious which especially the preliminary investigations and of issues that investor more concern about. What is the factors can affect for the budget of indoor playground park .Let's take a look!

kids soft playground.jpg

    Firstly, we should confirm how about the dimensions of our location most importantly the height of area.There are several types of projects that need to be planned. According to the current mainstream comprehensive children’s playground. it includes naughty castle, huge trampoline , manual area, Sand District, fishing area, educational children's machine game, adult video game machine.

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 Secondly, we will choose a theme for the decoration style of the whole game after finalized basic project of the plan . Currently, the existing styles on the market generally appear.Such as Candy theme,Jungle theme,Ocean theme,Frozen theme for the children’s playground.


kid soft playground.jpg

At last you can make a rough project budget after taken the design /layout with playground theme.There is the list of indoor playground  offered by supplier .such the details as The building block area, the trampoline area, and the Sand area .you will calculate get how much price each Sqm.