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How Much Will You Earn If You Have A Large Indoor Trampoline Park
- May 21, 2018 -

1.Background of indoor trampoline park  .

After more than ten years of development in traditional  indoor playground , which mainly consist of naughty castles, functional games have become monotonous and ordinary. Homogenous competition is severe and affects the profitability of traditional indoor children's playgrounds. As a new type of children's play equipment, the trampoline is increasingly favored by the children's amusement market because of its cool performances, stimulating bouncing experience and wide age group (3-18 years old).

2.Benefits of trampoline park 

Its reported that people can consume 900 calories when jump in trampoline in 50 minutes , which is equivalent to three hours of jogging or two hours of spinning. Therefore, long-term adherence to trampoline exercise will help promote metabolism, increase and improve fat oxidation, and reduce obesity symptoms. Can also exercise the pelvic floor, abdomen and leg muscle strength, improve limb coordination and balance. Trampoline activities are not only good fitness activities, but also amazingly entertaining. 

The child's nature is a sense of longing for freedom . The trampoline exercise is enough to attract the child and lose fat during play.

3.How much will you invest in trampoline park project

A,Rent of playground ,

B,Decoration of playground 

C,Trampoline equiment 

D,  Fee of installtion 

E,Cash register system 

F,   Lockers for park 

G,  Fee of water /electricity /internet supplying

H,  salary of the staff 

4.How does a trampoline park make money?



C,Birthy party 

D,Activity for company 

E,Developing courses 

The cost recovery the trampoline park is depend on  the actual investment in the venue size and the operation level of the venues. Based on the average current situation of the customers in our pocket houses, the cost can be recovered in approximately six months to a year, for example, a 1,000Sqm parks, the investment is about two million. The average monthly income of the park is between 18w-35w and the annual income is between 216w-420w.