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What Should We Keep Kids Safety If We Have A Indoor Trampoline Park Or Amusement Park ?
- Jun 11, 2018 -



• Parents/guardians must supervise children using this play facility.


We provide members of staff who monitor the equipment and have access to first aid facilities.

These staff are not provided to supervise children using the facilities.


•All playgrounds have inherent risk of injury. You assume the risk at play for yourself and the children you bring.


• Children who are unwell must not use the facilities.


Height and age restrictions are in force for the safety of all children and our manager will enforce them.


• Children must remove their shoes before playing on the equipment In the play area.


• For hygiene reasons children should wear socks.


• No food, drinks, sweets or chewing gum are to be taken into play areas.

• Only plastic glasses/bottles are allowed in the supervision area. No drinks containers are to be taken into the play area.


• Smoking is not permitted.


• Pens, buckles, jewelry, watches, money, sharp objects, etc. Must not be taken into the play area by children using the play equipment.


• Personal items must be left with parent/guardians. We cannot accept any liability for theft.



• Children between 12-24 months old are allowed in the frame of play structure area under adult supervision at all times.

Please note: parents are not allowed on the structure's 2nd level.


• No Climbing on nets inside or outside the play area.