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How Does The Indoor Children's Park Establish Unique Services?
- Aug 12, 2018 -

Children are the most authoritative judges of amusement parks. Before starting to design a indoor Magic Forest park , it is better to go to one of the amusement parks in use and observe the positive response which is children's response to certain Spaces and amusement facilities. Their positive response to the playground was exactly what the designers expected. For example, children like the diversity of play Spaces and facilities and get more opportunities to play games or activities. If the design doesn't interest them, they get bored and quickly jump into other games. To avoid this, the park should be attractive to children of all ages.

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1. Understand children's needs

It's important to understand children and their needs. Children have the right to play, to see pleasant colors, to experience the pleasure of play and to gain knowledge from it. Children's play has no definite purpose, but is an instinct. Their game is a reflection of the adult world and is a complete person in their way.

2. Divide the age groups

Who is your target age group? What age group needs to be considered? Determine which age groups the playground will serve. Planning an amusement park for this is a crucial process. To build a fully functional playground, children of different ages must be fully considered for their different needs and stages of development.

If the playground games is still hosting disabled children, their special needs must also be fully taken into account. Children of different ages have different requirements for the way of play. In order to provide suitable play space for children at each age stage, it is necessary to fully understand the children at each age stage, even at the same age stage, whose preferences and needs are different

3. Objective conditions of the site

Define the area and boundaries of the playground. Pay special attention to the objective factors that may affect the placement of amusement facilities, such as waterways, obstacles, lamp posts, etc

4. The entrance and exit of the site

The location of the playground must take into account the surrounding traffic conditions, whether it is convenient to ride a bicycle or skateboard in the playground, and whether it is convenient to carry a pram or wheelchair to enter.

5. Equipment layout and maintenance

Factors such as light, shadow, sun and wind must be taken into account. Another important factor is the color of the venue. The effect of color on children is obvious. Bright and cheerful colors bring happy emotions to children.

General maintenance when using clean soft cloth regular wipe paint surface, do not let children play with acid, alkaline chemicals and oil.

Burn mark. If the paint is baked, cover the match stick or toothpick with a thin cloth, quietly wipe the mark, and then apply a thin layer of wax, so that the burnt mark will fade.

Apply a wet cloth to the stain mark, and press the wet cloth several times with an electric iron.

It was not scrape. If a few children play equipment lacquer face is abrade, did not touch below lacquer woodiness, usable and furniture colour is same crayon or pigment is in the creation face of children play equipment besmear is changed, with covering exposed base color, next with transparent fingernail thin ground besmear can.

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In this way, you can make your children play safety, parents rest assured. Take the sea ball pool for example, every night before leaving work to wipe the park equipment and the ground with a diluted 84 disinfectant. Sea balls can be sprayed once a day with a special disinfectant. About half a month, use a fishnet or a naughty castle protector to place the sea balls in the sink and rinse them with 84 disinfectant water. The amusement equipment in the park operates continuously every day, and there will be times when you want to "strike". In order to ensure the safety of children, standard management and maintenance is essential and can not be lazy! The part of value-added service is mainly reflected in the improvement of employees' comprehensive ability. Employees should be aware that children's playland is ostensibly a business for children, but the real consumers behind it are the parents. Do enough detail to attract the parents' heart