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How Does Indoor Play Center Break Through The Difficulty
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Firstly, common Indoor Play Center problem

Brand homogenization is serious, easy to be eliminated

Children's business is hotest, children entertainment brands have emerged, directly leading to the oversupply of the market situation, and ultimately a serious problem of homogenization. Many children business practitioners believe that cartoon image implantation is no more than a combination of "children's play + education + retail + catering". From the point of cartoon image alone, the original cartoon image and story, as well as the introduction of domestic and foreign mature cartoon characters as the theme park are not few.

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2.Revisit rate is low, customer viscosity is not strong

The universal model of entertainment park greater than education is at odds with parents education. In addition to classroom education, parents attach great importance to their children's extracurricular education. What they need is an entertainment form of "teaching through lively activities"

3.Vacancies on weekdays leading to 'popularity charms'

The uneven distribution of passenger flow and serious vacancy in daily life are related to the existing education system and concept in China. In Japan and South Korea, we can see that there are many children in the vocational experience shop on weekdays, mainly because they can take time off to play, and the teachers can also provide sufficient cooperation in this aspect. Such cases are rare in China, and parents rarely take time off to play with their childre

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4.There is a shortage of experienced operators

In order to deeply cultivate the brand, operation management is very important. The first group of people engaged in modern children's entertainment was about 8-9 years ago. Because of the unstable work schedule and often need to sacrifice weekends, grassroots operations staff mobility. In addition, children's entertainment business is relatively new, without the training and accumulation of professional operators, high-quality talents are quite scarce

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Second,how to break through ?

1.Improve parental identity and the possibility of repeated consumption

Although the business mode of children is mainly targeted at children, parents are the ones who really pay the bill. Therefore, how to hold the parents' heart is the key to solve customer stickiness. Let parents who only play together participate more in the project, and improve their sense of participation

2.Paradise to accompany the growth of children and improve the survival rate

More focus on their own field, deep cultivation of the brand. Especially in areas related to children, not only economic benefits but also social responsibilities should be taken into account. Children's entertainment and education are a career, which should be managed with the mentality of accompanying children's growth

3.Standardize standards and establish personnel training mechanism

When choosing staff, need to choose affinity strong, comprehensive quality is high. Some of the brand side of the self-regulated practitioners throughout the smile service, in the work of sit-down and children communication and other details. This requires standards to be established across the industry so that talent can be used by the entire industry after being trained. On the one hand, avoid repeated cultivation and waste of resources; On the other hand, talents who have obtained certain certification after receiving standardized training can have greater development and reduce the existing problems of high turnover rate.