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How Can Indoor Children's Water Parks Gain An Edge In Competition
- Sep 18, 2018 -

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      One guard against homogenization and create unique experience

Due to the high homogeneity of hardware, some indoor children water parks in China are falling into the "one-side" cycle. Little did they know that the long lifeline of a children's water park is to create differentiated competition by providing unique experiences that motivate visitors to consume.

In addition, have to say, children with its one-stop consumption, rain or shine, the experience of environment and the experience of more and more to attract children's interest in forms, is gradually change the place for family weekend holiday, and merchants have insight into children's forms of magnetic field effect, on the specific operation, indoor children's water park should be combined with their actual reasonable layout rather than blindly follow.

Indoor children water park is not only a place for children to play, but also a place for family members to spend their leisure and recreation. Family and leisure products will become a major direction for future market development. Aiming at these target consumers, water slide equipment or drifting slide can be set up to create a unique experience suitable for children and children to play.

Second,Define the theme

The positioning of indoor children water park is a decision-making process combining subjective judgment and rational market analysis. The water park is a reflection of the developer's culture, knowledge and innovation ability. It requires the developer to have a keen market sense to capture potential market opportunities, and use skilled business operation experience to organize professional staff to refine and package the theme. At the same time, the theme selection of water parks also depends on the market research results of relevant professionals. Market research can help children's water parks to actively cater to or guide the needs of consumers, so as to avoid the shadow of simple plagiarism, imitation.

Any indoor children water park theme planning to highlight the soul of the park and the main line! In the planning, there are many theme clues for choosing an indoor children water park. How to extract the theme type that can reflect the characteristics of the park and meet the demands of the consumer market is the primary issue in the development of indoor children water park. In the thematic planning process, the development theme of indoor children water park is determined by taking the path of market survey, highlights extraction, theme selection and theme project planning.

Thirdly, raise the level of secondary consumption

The marketing point of children water park is not only about the tickets, when the tickets are in a certain situation, the improvement of consumption level mainly depends on other commercial Settings in the park, such as peripheral products, locker rental, catering, etc. In the commercial layout, the entrance of the park area and the vicinity of the lockers and dressing rooms are the advantageous areas for the establishment of selling points, followed by the purification of water quality is also in the middle.

Investors must determine the ticket price according to the local consumption level. If the price of the indoor children's water park is too high, many tourists may want to have a second experience, but sometimes they will be forced to stop by economic problems.