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Do You Include Any Spare Pads And Springs With Shipment?
- Aug 14, 2018 -

spare parts in trampoline.jpg

1. The jumping pads and springs would need replacing when they wear out .Do you include any spare pads and springs with original shipment?

       Yes, spare pads and springs will be sent along with trampoline with original shipment. 

And this shall be reflected in the production requirements listed before the the production

2. What is the lifetime of the air bag and how does it get inflated,with motorised pump? 

Air bag is made of 0.9mm thickjness PVC. The referenced lifetime is one year.

And yes, it is inflated by motorised pump. But you only need to inflated it one time. Because it's sealed, not needs to be flated all the time.

3. Are the trampolines and air bag easy to sanitize as they would need sanitizing every day?

Yes, the trampoline and air bag is easy to sanitize. But it's not really necessary to do this everyday.

And usually the players will wear trampoline socks when they are jumping