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Christmas Is Coming Soon
- Nov 25, 2018 -

Jumping Trampoline Adventure Park

How does the children's paradise attract passengers during Christmas? This is naturally a matter of holding promotions, and many kids indoor adventure park operators believe that they have already

I started to prepare or conceive Christmas events. It’s not difficult to hold events on holidays. The hard part is how to plan a popular Sanctuary.

Christmas event, see if the case can help you

Christmas promotion related preparation

Whether it's Christmas or other holiday promotions, it's important to match the environment inside and outside the children's playground.

The children felt the full festive atmosphere and left a deep impression on the park. The following is the relevant content of the preparation of the Christmas promotion, one

kids indoor adventure park

Generally consider the following three aspects

Staff preparation

In order to set off the atmosphere of the Christmas festival, the park staff can wear a red Christmas hat during Christmas, and the Christmas hat is distributed uniformly;

"Santa Claus" dresses should wear Santa Claus's clothing all over the body; personnel should be trained before the promotion, and they should be proficient in the promotion.

Relevant skills of the campaign can be memorized for the specific content of the promotion, and can quickly tell relevant activity information.

Christmas event preparation

Christmas hats, Christmas trees, Santa Claus costumes; candy, chocolate, etc.; membership cards, Christmas cards, Christmas lights, balloons, etc.

Internal and external environmental preparation

Outside the park

1) A Christmas tree can be placed in front of the park and decorated with a starry sky. The foam sculpture of the Christmas deer is placed on both sides of the door. Staff dress up

Santa Claus sent a leaflet at the door.

2) A large span rainbow door can be placed in front of the door and the edge is decorated with a starry sky.

3) Hanging a huge banner under the rain curtain in front of the door.

4) The window that can be seen out is decorated with Christmas bubble pattern

Inside the park

1) Christmas sign carpet at the entrance and Santa Claus who can play Christmas songs at any time.

2) A Christmas theme attraction (Christmas tree, deer with Christmas car and foam sculpture, fence, etc.) is arranged at the checkout counter or activity area.

3) Hang a few small ornaments or small hanging flags on the top of the Christmas theme.

Christmas theme park promotion plan

Christmas promotions can be presented with gifts, great performances and kids interactions. In order to carry out the promotion smoothly, now

For the preparation, operation and cost control of Christmas activities, the following options are available.

Activity planning ideas and purposes:

1. The decoration of the theme festival features to create a festive atmosphere for Christmas, providing consumers with a festive consumption environment.

2, holiday gifts or buy gifts, to better attract the attention of consumers; and actively use effective promotional activities to promote the majority of consumers

Focus on the park to achieve sales, improve customer loyalty, and develop new customers.

3, arrange children's performances, highlight the warm and lively atmosphere and deepen the impression of consumers' experience.

4. Purpose of the event: Through the planning activities of Christmas, expand the popularity of the children's park and guide the children in the surrounding areas to experience consumption.

And achieve certain economic and social benefits