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What is the technical difference between color powder coating and Spray painting?
- Jan 16, 2019 -


The frame part of the trampoline generally adopts a more complicated Color powder coated process than Spray painting. The painting is only after the metal frame of the trampoline is simply polished, sprayed on it, and then dried naturally.For powder coating, it is necessary to apply primer on the metal frame several times. After preheating, sand blasting is finally lacquered and sent to a dust-free room temperature baking room.In addition, the paint film of the trampoline equipment is more full than the paint film of the paint, and the edges and corners are smoother. It does not have the difference between the four corners and the panel color or the uneven spraying.

The most common and serious problem is that the Spray painted metal frame of the trampoline may appear orange peel after a long period of use. When the surface of the paint is hit with a hard object, cracks may occur in the paint film, and even the paint film may fall. .


Liben is a professional trampoline manufacturer. The production process of the trampoline products also follows the way of powder coating. When powder coating, the damper is adjusted to the baking position, the hot air is circulated, and the temperature in the coating room is rapidly raised to the predetermined drying temperature.After the fan filters the external fresh air, it is heat exchanged with the heat exchanger and sent to the air chamber at the top of the coating booth. After a second filtration and purification, the hot air passes through the inner circulation of the damper, except for a small amount of fresh air. Most of the hot air is continuously heated and utilized, so that the temperature in the coating room is gradually increased.When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the burner automatically stops; when the temperature drops to the set temperature, the fan and the burner are automatically turned on again, so that the temperature in the paint booth remains relatively constant.Finally, when the coating time reaches the set time, the paint booth automatically shuts down and the coating finishes.

There are also some manufacturers that are likely to use lower cost painting methods, which are usually carried out in the paint booth. The external air is filtered through the primary filter.

The fan is sent to the top of the spray booth, and then passed through the top filter to be purified by the secondary filter and then enters the room.The air in the room is fully descended and flows downward at a speed of 0.2-0.3 m/s.

Move, so that the paint mist particles after painting can not stay in the air, but directly discharged through the bottom air outlet.This is continuously cycled and converted to make it spray when painting.

The air cleanliness in the paint booth is over 98%, and the air sent in is pressurized to form a constant airflow around the perimeter to remove excess paint.

Maximize the quality of the paint.

When entrepreneurs invest in a trampoline, they choose the same trampoline park to join the manufacturer.

You should also learn more about its production process in order to have a deeper understanding of product quality.

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