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Various types of fitness equipment
- May 09, 2018 -

According to relevant survey data, although there are various types of fitness equipment today, they can be summarized into three types:

1 systemic fitness equipment: such as comprehensive trainers, Smith trainers, etc.;

2 Localized fitness equipment: such as exercise bikes, rowing machines, stair machines, treadmills, calf curlers, weight hammers, and lifting exercises;

3 small fitness equipment: as people are familiar with dumbbells, kettlebells, crank bar, spring puller, fitness plate, elastic bar, grip and so on.

(I) Systemic fitness equipment

It is a comprehensive training device; it can be used by many people to perform cyclical or selective exercises on one device at the same time. Such fitness equipment is large in size, full-featured and expensive, and is suitable for fitness centers, rehabilitation centers and institutions or school gyms. It should be noted that although a multi-functional treadmill is a systemic fitness equipment, it is only a single-function treadmill with the added features of rowing, pedaling, push-ups, waist rotation, and massage. Big, equally suitable for home gym.

(B) Localized fitness equipment

Most of them are special training equipments. They are small in structure and occupy an area of about 1 square meters. Most of them can be folded, and some are also interesting. Its function is relatively single, mainly focusing on the exercise of local muscle groups. This type of instrument has both a weight type with heavy weight and a hydraulic cylinder as a heavy load, and a non-power type with its own power. No combination of disassembly is required. Some are equipped with electronic display devices such as time, speed, distance, and heart rate so that exercisers can control their own exercise capacity. Therefore, popular with fitness enthusiasts is the "protagonist" of the home gym.

(III) Small-scale fitness equipment

Although the size is small, the exercise value is not low. Taking an adjustable dumbbell as an example, it is not only suitable for people of different ages, genders, and physiques, but also can exercise the muscles of all parts of the body. It is also an essential tool for body-building enthusiasts. Another example is the spring puller, light and compact, low price, easy to store, and easy to carry; the same can achieve the purpose of bodybuilding. Small fitness equipment like a fitness ball is best suited to middle-aged and older people.