Professional Jumping Trampoline Park

Indoor Trampoline Park Size: 33*17*5m Capacity: 50-60 Features: Free Jumping Zone, Foam Pit Zone with Climbing Wall, Basketball Zone, Olympic Trampoline Zone,Dodgeball Zone and Ninja Course Product Detail Kids Indoor Rectangular Trampoline Park Producer China Liben is a leading China based...

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Product Details

Professional Jumping Trampoline Park 5.LE.B8.703.042.01Kids Indoor Rectangular Trampoline Park Producer China

Trampoline Park Supplier-Liben

1. Free Jumping Zone

Trampoline Park Free Jumping Zone              

Trampoline Park Dodgeball Zone     

Trampoline Park Slam Dunk Zone

Trampoline Park Foam Pit Zone     

Trampoline Gymnastic Trampoline

Trampoline Park Ninja Course

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