Mini Jumping Trampoline Park

Mini Jumping Trampoline Park

Indoor Trampoline Park Measurements (mm): 8946*6952*3110 Age Range: above 3 years old Capacity: 4-8 persons Certification Approval: ASTM Standards Remark: Kids should play under supervision and instruction Product Detail Trampoline Pa rk for Children and Adults Basic Information Measurement...

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Indoor Trampoline Park

Measurements (mm): 8946*6952*3110
Age Range: above 3 years old
Capacity: 4-8 persons
Certification Approval: ASTM Standards
Remark: Kids should play under supervision and instruction

Product Detail



Trampoline Park for Children and Adults

Basic Information                                        

Measurement (mm): 8946*6952*3110

Modules: Galvanized steel structure, foam pit, dodgeball court, slam-dunk, ect.

Other Information                                       

1. Main Steel Framed Structure

1.1)Material: Upright structure of galvanized steel pipe 100*100*2.0mm;

“T” shaped structure of galvanized steel pipe 100*50*2.5mm;

“A” shaped structure of galvanized steel pipe 100*50*2.5mm;

Enhanced connecting structure of galvanized steel pipe 40*40*2.0mm.

1.2) Purpose: For the installation of steel framed trampoline structure and fixation of trampoline beds.

1.3) Surface Treating: Baking varnish, using nontoxic Aksu plastic powder with strong adhesion

to keep the color bright.

1.4) Remark: The standard height for the steel framed trampoline structure is 3 meters:

1 meter for jumping beds, and 2 meters for protection system above trampoline beds.

The standard angle of “A” shaped steel framed structure is 60°


2. Trampoline Parts

2.1) Material: PP for common trampoline beds (distance between each spring is 130mm); Poly-amide yarns (nylon yarns) for gymnastic trampoline beds (distance between each spring is 110mm).

2.2) Purpose: For bearing the weight of jumpers and assisting them to do all kinds of performance.

2.3) Size: 1760*1760mm of common trampoline beds; 4260*2130mm of gymnastic trampoline beds.

2.4) Remarks: The width of cambered trampoline beds is 1760mm, while its length depends on

the center distance of the upright galvanized steel framed structure.


3. Soft Objects

3.1) Material: Muted PVC leather plus 60mm thickness of sponge for safety pads.

Glossy PVC leather plus 15mm thickness of plywood plus 30mm thickness of EPE for soft board.

3.2) Purpose: To protect jumpers from straight collision with the steel framed trampoline structure.

3.3) Soft Objects: Safety pads, soft board, soft ladder, foam pit, etc.

3.4) Remark: For the PVC leather, it’s PVC coating on the surface, and polyester fabrics inside.


4. Other Technical Information

4.1) Material: 40*40mm of galvanized steel for enclosure (safety net).

3.25*180mm of carbon steel wire spring for securing the common trampoline beds;

3.25*260mm of carbon steel wire springs for securing the gymnastic trampoline beds

(4.0*265mm of piano wire spring will be used in the four corners of the beds);

Other accessories like screws are all stainless.

4.2) Purpose: For the sake of installation and jumper’s safety.

4.3) Included Objects: Safety net, spring, screws and such accessories.

4.4) Remark: Use screws to fixate the main steel framed structures.

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Specific Installation Manual             


Q1: Can the playground be customized?

Yes. Plz send us a CAD file or a simple drawing of your play area with precise dimensions, ans let us know the color, theme and so forth that you prefer.

Q2: How is the quality of the playground?

All of the playgrounds are produced strictly in line with EU standards. Here we have skilled and experienced technicians working for us. Some of the advanced machines are imported from germany. And besides, we have Quality Control System that ensures the high-quality of the products.

Q3: Is it difficult to install? Do you have installation manual? Or do you send your own workers over to help install the playground? What's the cost?

The installtion manual will be sent when the playground is completed. If you found it difficult to install and asked us for help, we'll be glad to be at your service. The installation cost will be stated clearly in our sales contract.

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